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Toronto Waterfront Trail - A Place to Visit with Family

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Toronto Waterfront Trail – A Place to Visit with Family

Toronto is one of the most beautiful and fascinating cities on the planet, renowned for its Victorian architecture, its multicultural diversity, fine restaurants, exclusive shopping and world-class hotels. It’s an easy city to walk as well; although sprawling in nature, it is both pleasant and invigorating to explore on foot. From north to south, east to west, there are new things to discover at every turn, whether you have lived there all your life or you’re visiting for the first time. Here’s a place you can visit in Toronto, so get out there and discover something new!

Toronto Waterfront Trail: the trail itself originates in Hamilton, but Toronto’s portion of the trail runs from Etobicoke in the west, all through the city to the Scarborough Bluffs. A popular destination for walking, running, in-line skating and bicycling, it is mostly paved and mostly off the street, hugging the Lake Ontario shoreline through some of its most interesting terrain. You’ll see historic buildings such as the Sunnyside Bathing Pavilion (in the west end), Ontario Place and Toronto Harbourfront, and discover the bustling and ultra trendy community of Toronto’s Beach neighborhood (in the east end) before you reach the stunningly beautiful Rouge River area and the Scarborough Bluffs. See a side of Toronto you’ve never seen before along the Waterfront Trail.



Toronto Zoo: The Toronto Zoo features over five thousand animals, organized by region into various pavilions, which serve as habitats for the world’s most exotic creatures. Some of their current residents include Giant Pandas and Giraffes, and you can experience a Gorilla Rainforest, or explore a ten-acre tundra park and Polar Bear habitat. There is also a marine exhibit with a barrier reef display featuring several fascinating viewing aquariums. As much fun for grown ups as it is for kids, it’s open three hundred sixty four days a year, closing only on Christmas day, December twenty fifth. Buy tickets online, and don’t forget to call Toronto Limo Star to take you and your family there in comfort and style.

Discovery Walks: Take a day to discover new neighborhoods or find out new things about places you thought you knew. Discovery Walks are a series of self-guided walking tours through city parks, ravines, gardens and beaches. Meant to help you experience the city’s unique heritage while getting some healthy outdoor time, you’ll find Discovery Walks close at hand, wherever you might be in Toronto. Go to DiscoveryWalk.ca on your mobile device for interactive maps you can use anywhere.

No matter what you get up to, get outside and enjoy Toronto’s diverse and enduring beauty, and if you need a lift to get you anywhere at all, be sure to call Torontolimostar, your partner in Toronto’s most excellent adventures.

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